Custom software development services

Our custom software development solutions

Custom software development solutions

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Custom software development solutions

Getting custom software development services is all about ensuring your business with a unique solution built by professional IT specialists. Such a product differs from the out-of-the-box one by its customization character. If you’ve got such, you stand out from the crowd. Engineers can build whatever you need, from a simple mobile app to a complex AI-powered data analysis system for enterprise. Moreover, bespoke solutions can have as many features as you require.

Architecture and infrastructure design

Each solution is based on an infrastructure made up of a certain number of components connected by predefined architecture. Both architecture and infrastructure are the cornerstones of any software. We’ve got senior architects on board. They are experienced in designing event-driven, layered, microservices, and other types of architecture. So, let’s start building the right system that will ensure the high performance and security of your operations.

User interface and user experience design

The success of any application depends much on its usability, which means how comfortable a user feels about using it. Like our architects, our designers are focused on creating intuitive interfaces. They are willing to interact with project stakeholders closely to discover all the requirements. As a result of thorough analysis and well-built architecture, we can deliver the product bringing great value to the business.

Custom software engineering

Coding should be done to see how infrastructure, architecture, and design are working in confluence. Our engineers develop any type of custom solutions: cross-platform, native, enterprise, desktop, web, and many more. We also deliver data warehouses, cloud migration services, and advanced technology implementations like robotic process automation, 人工智能, the internet of things, and many more.

System integration services

Along with typical custom products, we provide excellent integration services. If you have an existing system, say, some multi-modular solution, and want to add some useful functionality to it, consider our expertise. We do integrations of various APIs, features, and modules even to legacy infrastructures. That’s why this type of work is also considered to be custom software development services.

Manual and automated testing

Quality is what makes our products work smoothly. To ensure the highest quality, our QAs do all types of manual and automated tests. Before a project begins, testers define their strategy and present it to a client. Within the execution, they do all necessary tests, write use and test cases, send reports to all project stakeholders. A well-organized testing approach allows us to get products with high performance, excellent usability, and superb security.

Legacy app modernization

Some clients contact us to ask for help with their legacy systems. It refers to banks, insurance companies, and financial organizations especially. These businesses suffer from lagging behind their competitors who managed to update their systems with edge-cutting technologies. We have dedicated teams who know how to work with such issues appropriately, as modernizing systems requires special knowledge in data migration.

Custom software development services

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Custom software development services

Have you ever thought that available solutions don’t meet your needs? Well-known providers sell expensive and complicated tools, full of redundant modules. Small apps can’t fulfill all your requirements effectively because they lack core elements. Typically, all prominent vendors of out-of-the-box solutions charge extra fees to customize their products.

With 120+ projects accomplished on track record, we can be helpful for everyone who requires reliable custom software development services. Our team is a responsible vendor who wants to deliver profit and value to every single customer. Write to us, and we’ll organize an introductory call to demonstrate our portfolio and expertise in the niche you are interested in.

Benefits of our custom software development services

Outsourced software services are a great decision to get your project developed professionally at reasonable rates. By involving offshore developers, you get access to an international talent pool, lower costs without compromising security and quality. You are welcome to read about the advantages of cooperating with DICEUS. We have a well-organized SDLC preceded by a discovery phase. The latter is highly recommended by our analysts to get the most precise requirements and communicate those to developers appropriately, avoiding any ambiguity. So, we kindly ask you to pay attention to the benefits of our IT software development services.

Full control over any project

Unlike other vendors, we encourage our customers and provide access to monitor their project execution, check the progress and statuses of tasks, make change requests, give feedback, and communicate with engineers if it is necessary.

Lack of unnecessary spending

Due to our responsible approach to software research and development services, you won’t need to spend extra fees on unnecessary features or modules. Since our discovery phase covers all questions and details required to learn all about the desired outcomes, 安博体育电竞提供最有效率的解决方案.

Regular reports and updates

As long as we build solutions from scratch, we ensure that all parties are on the same page. Hence, you get timely reports with key metrics, on-demand calls and meetings, quick responses to any of your requests.

Total customization even after the launch

Anything that you use to manage business operations needs continuous improvements. Needless to say, you can ask for various changes during SDLC — our change request management process is well-organized. After release, we can keep enhancing and updating your product.

Our custom software product development process

To provide result-driven and efficient custom software development services, we stick to standards, experience-proven rules, and transparent SDLC processes. Any project undergoes multiple stages to be completed: initiation, discovery phase, design, engineering, testing, deployment, and closure. Each of those is very important and must be thoroughly organized by both sides. You may also ask for further technical support and maintenance. Here are the key steps explained.

InitiationThe first stage involves signing the required documents and agreeing on the initial terms; the subsequent phases are essential. At this moment, we define how we want to cooperate, agree on the terms and conditions, get to know each other. Initiation provides for close communication that ensures the project’s success.
DiscoveryDuring planning, also called a discovery phase, all requirements are collected, business gaps are analyzed. Then, as part of our custom software development services, we are able to do POC tests and build the MVP to prove the viability of your project idea. Ultimately, you get a detailed roadmap explaining how the project will be executed.
ExecutionExecution includes not only the actual coding and engineering jobs. It starts with architecture and basic UI/UX design. Further, we add graphics and other visual elements, develop interactive prototypes, agree on these with a client, and finally, release a solution. All stages involve thorough testing and bug fixing.
ClosureOnce your solution is done, you can get tailored maintenance services. We provide personalized support, including 24×7, during working hours, on-call options. Maintenance tasks can be discussed beforehand or after the project, as a separate activity that requires other forms of cooperation and agreements.

What impacts your project duration

It’s impossible to name the exact date when all project work will be completed. However, we back up our previous experience and try to calculate the approximate timeframe. Below you can see a few significant factors impacting the duration.

  • Scope of tasks
  • Specification formalized
  • Number of IT staff involved
  • Technology stack
  • Change requests

What affects your project costs

Custom software development services feature pretty diverse costs. These expenses vary depending on several factors you can learn about below. We’ll be glad to explain any of these aspects during free consulting available upon your request.

  • Licenses and tech costs related to the stack chosen
  • Scope and complexity, including the required features
  • The chosen engagement model like Time & Material or Dedicated Team
  • Feature changes, if any
  • Desired project deadlines

What we need from your side

You can do multiple things to ensure the project’s success and help us clearly understand your needs. We value the willingness of our customers to share their requirements for the project. Our team would be grateful for your openness to discuss the following aspects.

  • Requirements for the final product
  • Project visions, goals, and roadmaps
  • High-level requirements for design
  • Specific docs like mockups or user guides
  • Project’s stakeholders from your side

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Frequently asked questions

What are custom software development services?

Interested in outsourcing software development services? Broadly speaking, custom software product development provides for creating a digital solution from scratch. Unlike out-of-the-box packages similar for all clients, custom apps are unique. By ordering such a solution, you can be sure that nobody on the market has the same. Thus, your market advantage improves.

What are the examples of customized software development services?

Apart from totally custom tools, there are customized alternatives. They aren’t built from scratch but rather upgraded and improved on the basis of already existing solutions. For instance, if your bank wants to implement Oracle FLEXCUBE but needs certain tech tweaks, you can customize certain aspects.

What are the advantages of custom software services?

The most crucial advantage is your difference from your competitors. By introducing a solution different from those available, you can provide exclusive services and attract customers. Thanks to outsourced staff, you also can get the most cost-efficient app that includes only the functions you need.

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